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About Lianne Neptune

What first got me interested in this journey of learning herbalism was many years ago I went on an herb walk much like what I'm offering to others now. It opened my eyes to this whole world of plants that had been right in front of me my whole life, but I never witnessed it before. I learned that plants really can heal, and that plants really do communicate with us in a myriad of ways. I've even experienced plants talking to me. It might sound crazy, but it's just a matter of tuning in. I'm excited to share what I know with others, and hopefully inspire them to develop a new way of relating to plants.

I educate the public about Medicinal Plants by conducting tours independently and through the local regional park district. I've been studying herbalism since 2016. While I've read many books, and taken many classes and workshops about herbalism, Mother Nature has been my greatest teacher. Especially here, in the bio-diverse Monterey County, there are so many plants to learn from. I've spent many years using plant medicine to heal myself and others, and I want to help you learn how to heal with plant medicine too.

Plants will show us who they are, if we just pay attention.
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Finding Lianne and Monterey Herbalist was such a breath of fresh air, figuratively and literally! I was looking for a nonconventional day activity that my wife and I could do together and this seemed like the perfect balance of fun, education, getting outdoors, and trying something new. Discovering the benefits of plants in the wild as food and medicine was such a beautiful experience with Lianne's guidance and knowledge. We went on a light mile walk along a trail and lasted about 2 hours as we stopped to smell, taste, and explore the proverbial roses. The trail was accessible for anyone with disabilities. The time really flew by as we ventured together. The end of the day wrapped with a stunning view of the peninsula, paired with delicious snacks made by Lianne, all made from the regions plants. For anyone looking for a unique and amazing experience, don't pass on this hidden gem of the Monterey Peninsula! Thanks so much Lianne!

Jake & Alex

“I just finished the medicinal plant tour - it was really interesting! Lianne had so much information and knowledge to share. I completely lost track of time and it was over before I knew it.  Lianne engaged the class by asking questions, rather than just telling facts. Such a quality job, and the trail is so peaceful and beautiful. It made for a wonderful morning hike and learning opportunity. Thank you for offering this class.”

Susi A.

“Lianne is super knowledgeable about local plants and had some lovely stories and science to weave into her walking plant tour. She was very thoughtful, kind, intriguing and brought in some delightful surprises. I hope I get to take another walk with her again! Highly recommend for anyone, whether you are new to Herbalism or a seasoned herbalist.”

Vanessa B.
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"The plant walk with Lianne was great. I went with my wife and two children (ages 8 and 4). Lianne was very knowledgeable about the medicinal and edible uses of plants that occur at the lovely park, and her passion for plants and special relationship with them was apparent. She was well prepared in everything she did and was especially great with the kids. She had made up special activity books for them that kept them very engaged. The edible plant tasting at the end of the walk was so very lovely. It was a real treat to enjoy the wonderfully prepared morsels Lianne crafted from the plants and the natural setting made them all the more delicious."

Eli S.

“I absolutely loved this experience! Lianne is delightful as she brings you along an enchanted trail, teaching about the incredible medicinal properties of the wild plants that surround us! My eyes were opened to a brand new world of roots, leaves, stems, and flowers waiting to be “discovered” by me, with the teacher’s help, though they’ve been there all along! The time absolutely flew by and I couldn’t believe time was up. I highly recommend this most enjoyable class!”

Teresa H.

“This was a lovely and easy hike. Super informative, great company. So many local plants and trees with beneficial properties that are all around us. I highly recommend this experience!”

Lorraine O.

Read what the press has written about my tour.

Lianne has created a very informative, accessible and enjoyable experience. She is a knowledgable guide with a grounding presence. I really enjoyed the tour and learned a lot. It is a great intro into local medicinal and edible plant species and a jumping off point for those looking to dive deeper. The tasting at the end was thoughtfully prepared and delicious. Highly recommend!

Kaitlin B.

My wife and I really enjoyed the time we spent with Lianne. She was prepared with samples of various herbs and foods to try, which made the experience even more meaningful. She has a great knowledge of the plants in the park, and was a delight to spend time with. We would definitely recommend Lianne's tour!

Golden M.

"I had a wonderful time and Lianne is very educated in her field. I learned so much about plants and the hors d’oeuvres at the end were delicious! Such a cool and unique experience!"

Ruby M.

"My boyfriend and I loved this experience. He loved the educational part of the tour and I especially enjoyed the tasting at the end. Super beautiful hike and was so fun. We would definitely do this again and would recommend it to everyone. Lianne is super nice, patient and passionate about what she does. Thanks Lianne!"

Jennifer N.

I booked this walk for my wife and I as a fun way to find out more about the plants in our area. Lianne has a great ability to share her enthusiasm and knowledge. We enjoyed stopping to look at different plants and discussing ways we have used them growing up. I have already recommend this experience to others. Thanks Lianne!

Mike M.
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